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On-site Training. Consultancy.

Ensure your organisation and employees are working at their optimal effectiveness with our comprehensive consultancy and training services.

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How effective are your systems at achieving peak performance? Our consultancy services can evaluate all aspects of your organisation. Our extensive experience of international sport allows us to evaluate all aspects of your organisation’s performance against world class performance. This allows us to produce a  comprehensive report which outlines key actions required to optimise the effectiveness of your organisation, both short term and long term.

All-Pro Performance can provide your  athletes and staff with on site training  ensuring that you are maximising your chances of success.  We have a wide variety of packages available that address all aspects of performance and which can be tailored specifically to your requirements. These have been used by a range of top sporting organisations around the world.

Ian Ian Jeffreys delivering a High Performance Conditioning workshop for the Chinese General Administration of Sport in Guangzhou, China