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All-Pro Performance provides a comprehensive education programme which covers all areas of performance enhancement. We have extensive experience of delivering education around the world, and work with a wide range of top level sports organisations. We have a comprehensive package of workshops and can tailor  workshops to your specific needs from 3 hour  to 4 day workshops.

Our workshops are  delivered by Ian Jeffreys, a world renowned performance coach,who has delivered numerous presentations and training events around the globe. He is a regular speaker at the leading international Strength and Conditioning Conferences.

For all workshops enquiries contact:

Our current workshops include:

* Developing Gamespeed

* Game Performance Training (This workshop can also be geared to a range of specific sports)

* The Gameplan - Constructing effective training programmes.

* Building “Future Champions”

* The Performance Lifestyle - A multidimensional approach to enhancing recovery and performance.

*  Building a Performance Environment.

* Your own personal best - Building a personal performance plan

* The modern performance coach

Ian Jeffreys presenting a Pre Conference Symposia at the  NSCA’s National  Conference in Orlando Florida