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Ian is an internationally renowned coach, educator & author with over 30 years experience in top level sport. Ian is regarded as a world authority in the development of speed & agility and conditioning for team sports. He is a professor n strength and conditioning at the University of South Wales, where he co-ordinates all of the University’s strength and conditioning activities, He has been the S&C coach for the Welsh Schools National Rugby team and has worked with athletes, clubs and sports organisations around the world including the UK, USA, China, Turkey, Norway, Ireland, South Korea, Portugal, Iceland and the Netherlands. These have ranged from juniors through to international and professional performers and organisations.

Ian has authored nine books: “Total Soccer Fitness”,  “A Coaches Guide to Enhancing Recovery - The Performance Lifestyle” a“Gamespeed first and second editions”,  “Developing Speed”,“Soccer Speed”,“Strength and Conditioning for Sports Performance.” “The Warm-Up” and “Effective Coaching in Strength and Conditioning”. He has authored over 20 book chapters including the warm-up and stretching chapter for the third and fourth editions of the Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning. He is the Editor of the UKSCA Journal, “Professional Strength and Conditioning” and is on the Editorial Board for the NSCA’s Strength and Conditioning Journal and the Journal of Australian Strength and Conditioning. Ian has authored numerous strength and conditioning articles which have featured in the leading international Journals


 Ian is a much sought after Conference Presenter and has given keynote presentations, and hosted high performance workshops at a host of major conferences around the world.  These have included the NSCA National, Sport Specific and International Conference as well as the Australian Strength and Conditioning Conference. He is an advisor to the Polish and Korean Strength and Conditioning Associations, and consults with a number of major organisations including Nike.

Ian has been a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) since 1989. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS*D), Registered Strength and Conditioning Coach (RSCC*E) and Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT*D) with the NSCA, He was the NSCA’s High School Professional of the Year in 2006, the first time the award had ever been presented to a coach working outside the United States. In July 2009, Ian was awarded a Fellowship by the NSCA for his outstanding contributions to the industry. In 2016 Ian was elected to the Board of Directors of the NSCA for a three year term and was  the Vice President of the organisation from 2018 to 2019.


He is Founder member of the United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association, and was  a member of the Board of Directors from the organisations inception in 2004 through to 2013. He is an Honorary Fellow of the Association along with being an Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach (ASCC), an assessor  and a lead tutor . Ian is also on the British Olympic Association register of strength and conditioning professionals.