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Date Event Location Title Link

Feb 17 Setanta College workshop Dublin Ireland Speed and Acceleration Masterclass  

March 7 Speedworks workshop Northampton, England   

May 5 & 6 Fitek Convention New Delhi, India   

  Krakow Poland The essentials of stre  

June  Munich Germany Forget  speed and agility - its gamespeed that counts  

  Providence RI, USA   

 UKSCA Conference Milton Keynes, England.   

 NSCA International Conference    

 Polish Strength and Conditioning Association Conference Wroclaw Poland TBC  

Ian Jeffreys presenting at the NSCA’s Inaugural European Conference in Amsterdam.

Ian Jeffreys presenting at Setanta College’s International Conference in Thurles Ireland.

Feb 17                           Setanta College workshop                Dublin Ireland
Speed and Acceleration Masterclass .

March 7                        Speedworks workshop                       Northampton, England.
The quest for Gamespeed
May 5 & 6                  Fitek Convention                                   New Delhi, India
Gamespeed – Solutions for sports performance.

June  9                      PSCA Workshop                                   Krakow Poland
The essentials of strength training for sports performance  

June  15-17             Perform Better Germany  Summit         Munich Germany
Forget speed and agility - its gamespeed that counts  

June 29 – July 1     Perform Better Functional Training Summit        Providence RI,
 Back to the Future – Incorporating conditioning games into your programme  

Aug 4-5                    UKSCA Conference                                Milton Keynes, England. Where to next – the challenge of agility development  

Sept 27-30              NSCA International Conference              Madrid, Spain.
Reverse engineering speed and agility solutions for performance.   

Oct 5-6                     Master Science Lab workshop                Lisbon Portugal
Gamespeed – A systematic approach to enhancing sports performance
Dec 1-2                     PSCA  Conference                                  Wroclaw Poland